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private rooms

Our facility is often compared to living at home. With personal conveniences, home cooked meals and the warmth and companionship of friends. Many people don't want to leave their homes and think that assisted living isn't for them but assisted living not only offers safety and security; it offers companionship and stimulation that seniors living alone are often unable to obtain.

Private and Semi-Private Rooms

At Mountain Vista Manor we offer both private and semi-private rooms depending on the needs and preferences of you or your loved one. All of our rooms are spacious and comfortable, and unlike many assisted living facilities, rooms can be decorated to the residents taste because we want it to feel like home. Every room is as unique as the resident and if a semi-private room is chosen residents are carefully matched, ensuring compatibility. We want roommates to enhance the living experience by offering companionship and conversation. Additionally, our facility offers heating and air conditioning, so residents are comfortable all year long no matter what the temperature is outside.

Home Cooked Meals and Snacks

Considering assisted living for yourself or a loved one but concerned about food quality? Whether our residents are able to cook for themselves or not, residents find that all of our meals are both nutritious and delicious.  Meals are served three times a day, and snacks are available in-between meals. We can also accommodate any dietary restrictions or food allergies, such as gluten-free and vegetarian options, so you can be assured you will be getting the nutrition you need and food you'll love.

laundry service

Housekeeping and Laundry Service

We understand that as people age basic household tasks become more difficult and sometimes dangerous. Because of this, we offer housekeeping and laundry services. We want all of our residents living in a happy and healthy environment and providing services such as this contributes to a clean and healthy atmosphere.

Medication Dispensary

Are you or a loved one having trouble keeping track of your medications? Do you have trouble remembering when you need to take them or how much you need to take? You are not alone. Medications can be confusing. Our facility offers medication dispensation so that you get the medications vital to keeping you healthy when you need them. Whether you have one medication you need or several, you can count on us.

Multiple Emergency Systems

At Mountain Vista Manor, we understand that as people get older safety is a big concern. That is why our facility is equipped with multiple emergency systems. No matter what time of day or night, residents are monitored and have access to emergency services, and should something happen, you have the peace of mind knowing that an emergency response is there.

social activities

Social Activities and Transportation

Social stimulation and companionship is the key to a long and healthy life. Mountain Vista Manor offers a variety of social activities to keep residents active and engaged. From socializing to board games to shopping trips, there are activities for everyone! In addition to transportation to shopping, we also offer transportation to doctor's appointments and other destinations our residents need to go.

Hair and Beauty Care

We know that feeling good is part of being happy which is why we offer on-site hair and beauty care available to all residents on a regular on-going basis. Whether they are looking for a simple haircut, a wash and set, or hair coloring, our experienced on-site stylist is there to help.

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